Covid19 Posting

While it may be too soon to celebrate, it appears that the spread of COVID-19 is beginning to slow and that the reopening of many businesses will begin in the not too distant future.

With that said, at present we all still need to take precautions and, for many employers, these will include social distancing, personal hygiene, daily screenings, and the proper cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

To help remind your employees and visitors of these precautions, we have provided the attached simple but comprehensive poster entitled “Our Company’s COVID-19 Safety Rules,” which is based on current guidelines from the CDC, OSHA and NY State.

Please feel free to download this poster and post it where it will be most visible to your employees and visitors.  TO DOWNLOAD THIS PDF POSTER, CLICK ANYWHERE ON THIS LINE.

This poster is not intended to replace your company’s entire COVID-19 reopening plan, but it can be a critical component in helping to make your employees and visitors aware of the basic controls in place. 

Any additional, site specific, or more detailed controls within your plan (that are not directly addressed within the poster) should otherwise be properly communicated to all affected individuals. 

We may not be out of the proverbial woods yet, but, optimistically, it looks like there’s a light at the end of the trail. Stay safe and healthy!

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